Safety Standards

OneEffect Safety Standards

Safety Symbols

The ENEC symbol (European Norms Electrical Certification) is a European test and certification symbol for luminaires and electrical components in luminaires. The number 10 with or without the VDE symbol signifies that the test/certification symbol was awarded by the VDE Institute for Testing and Certification.

Luminaires with this symbol can be fixed to normal flame-inhibiting materials (EN 60598/VDE 0711).

Luminaires bearing this symbol are suitable for business premises where dust or fibrous material present a fire hazard due to their limited surface temperatures (VDE 0710 Part 5).

Luminaires with this symbol can be installed in or on normal flame-inhibiting surfaces where thermal insulation material may cover the luminaire.
Luminaires bearing this symbol must not be in direct contact with insulating material.

Luminaires bearing the ball symbol are suitable for use in sports facilities. They fulfill the test requirements of VDE 0710 Part 13.

Luminaires with this symbol are designed in accordance with EN 60598/VDE 0711 for an ambient temperature of 25 °C.

By affixing the CE symbol, the manufacturer documents conformity with European Union directives at its own responsibility.

Technischer Überwachungs-Verein Literally “Technical Watch-Over Association.” A German certifying body involved with product safety for the European community. The “TÜV Rheinland” mark is placed on tested and approved electrical and electronic devices like the UL.

The UL Mark on a product means that UL has tested and evaluated representative samples of that product and determined that they meet UL requirements.

ETL means Intertek Testing Laboratories has been conducting electrical performance and reliability tests of a product, passing nearly 200 safety and performance standards.

The green recycle hall marks mean the product manufactured is 100% recyclable.

Light Color & Output Specifications

The color temperatures of LED luminaires are specified in Kelvin (K). As far as white light is concerned, we have defined three light colors as standard. Depending on the luminaire type we supply LED luminaires with:

3000 K, corresponding to “Warm White”
4000 K, corresponding to “Neutral White”
5000 K, corresponding to “Daylight White”

Our strict quality standards ensure that our LED modules have a maximum deviation of three MacAdams ellipses from the specified color coordinates. Even today, in our group of companies, we offer many LED luminaires in a choice of different light colors.

Warm White 3000 K
Neutral White 4000 K
Daylight White 5000 K