OneEffect LEDs

The Benefits

LED lights are extremely efficient. This efficiency translates to lower electricity usage for the same amount of light. An LED light consumes 10% of the electricity that an incandescent uses! Even florescent lights, which in the past were considered the best choice for energy savings, use 2-3x more electricity than LED’s.

Extended Life

Most LED lights last over 50,000 – 100,000 hours. In comparison an incandescent light bulb lasts 1,000-1,500 hours and a florescent light lasts 10,000-15,000 hours. Longer life means less bulb changes which translate to huge savings. Longer life also means less garbage in the landfill.

Lower Operating Temperature

LED lighting is over 90% efficient; less than 10% of the electricity used is converted to heat. By contrast, incandescent lights are only 10% efficient; 90% of the electricity is wasted as heat. Florescent lights are about 60% efficient, but still waste 40% of their electricity as heat. For indoor lighting the heat created by inefficient lighting translates into increased load on the HVAC system and longer air-conditioning run-times.

100% Recyclable

LED Lights contain no harmful elements and are 100% recyclable. Unlike fluorescents and metal halide lighting, they contain no mercury.

Improved Light Quality

Light quality is important, especially in retail environments where product color is important. In outdoor installations, such as parking garages and walking paths, the quality of light emitted by LED’s creates a safer environment. Car dealers have reported that LED lighting brings out the color of their vehicles when customers shop in the evening.

Healthier Light

LED lighting emits no ultra-violet (UV) or infra-red (IR) light. Because of this, LED lighting will not harm the eyes or skin. LED lighting will not fade or alter the color of clothing or artwork. In a computer-intensive environment such as a call center, LED lighting can increase worker efficiency because it does not cause headaches and sore eyes like florescent and incandescent light can.

Eco-System Friendly

Additionally LED lighting doesn’t affect local Flora and Fauna, since it dissipates minimal heat and without the UV rays it won’t attract unwanted insects.

More Durable

LED lighting is very durable compared to alternative light sources. Because there are no high-pressure fixtures or thin filaments, LED lights are highly resistant to vibration and temperature changes.

Instant On

LED lights turn on instantly. There is no warm-up period like florescent or metal halide lighting. In the event of a power failure, LED lights do not require a long cool-down period before they can be turned back on. They are not affected by cold-weather startup problems like high-pressure sodium or florescent lighting.


LED lights are not sensitive to electrical fluctuations and there for don’t burn out as fast. Unlike conventional lighting, LEDs are not affected by surges.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play LED lights offer a plug & play solution for installations. Most LED lighting doesn’t require new or modified installation. Simply replace the old lighting luminary with a new LED one.