OneEffect Technology

OneEffect Group manufactures and distributes lighting products using LED technology with the best warranty in the market. Our lighting pieces are manufactured and assembled in the United States, Canada and Australia, meeting international standards and norms for the highest quality.The majority of the luminaries carry the certification mark on the luminaries, the packaging and the instructions for use. Custom-made versions are also designed and manufactured on the basis of the regulations.

Service Life

The aging process in electronic components, in particular in light-emitting diodes, is a function of the temperatures they are exposed to in operation. The higher the temperature of the component, the shorter is the expected service life. 
In the development of our luminaries, therefore, thermo-management represents a great challenge. Besides using high-quality components, we have also taken design-related measures to guarantee favorable temperature conditions inside the luminaries. This leads to a significant increase in the service life of the LED. In addition, electronic protective equipment prevents the possible overheating of individual components.

We have deliberately designed the temperature control in our luminaries to be very conservative – the temperatures in our LED modules are significantly lower than the maximum temperatures.

Our LED modules are designed for service lives of at least 50,000 up to 100,000 operating hours. After this period has expired, the module is not destroyed but continues to function, and still shines with at least 70 % of its initial brightness.


What happens after the end of the service life of an LED? Who supplies the replacement for this electronic component?

Unlike conventional lamps, which have clearly defined connection standards, LED are an integral component of the luminaries. Accordingly, it is difficult to obtain suitable LED replacement modules without specialized knowledge. As a responsible distributor and manufacturer, we have solved this problem for our customers. Even today, a four-digit lamp designation in each LED luminaries gives exact information about the modules installed.
Since we have our own production facilities, we are in the position to supply the right LED modules, even after many years. We guarantee our customers that even 10 years after buying LED luminaries, they will still be able to obtain replacement modules.