Management Solutions

OneEffect provides control solutions designed for outdoor and indoor lighting management to reduce energy consumption of lighting installation by monitoring and controlling present conditions of the luminaries. Our controls provide the status of each light point and failures in running lights. It is an easy and secure control system for installation companies and maintenance departments, helping reduce operating costs of facilities and increase end user satisfaction.The flexibility of our products allows us the ability to design solutions for a range of applications.

From basic systems selection management like on off, to comprehensive solutions that enable adjustments in the brightness level of each luminary independently, optimizing the demanding needs for saving energy.

Our Management solutions are designed to provide efficient energy saving, resulting in a reduction in direct costs to the customer and an overall reduction of their carbon footprint.

Energy Savings:

  • Point-to-Point Control streamlines the lighting in each fixture.
  • Adjusting the brightness level at each point independently.
  • Detection of capacitor failure prevents reactive energy expenditure.
  • Reducing emissions of CO2 and the tons of oil equivalent.
  • Improving the level of light pollution control point to point.

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Minimize the cost of night patrols.
  • Allows planning interventions of emergency services.
  • A significant improvement reaction time.
  • Provides information for preventive maintenance.
  • It automatically manages the parts breakdown.