Interior Solutions

Indoor Lighting

The OneEffect LED Indoor portfolio has hundreds of different indoor luminaries. We provide optimal lighting solutions delivering the highest quality products for proven, affordable, reliable performance. All OneEffect LED products are compatible with our entire family of lighting controls products and systems. In fact, our innovative technology for managing switching, dimming, trimming, sensing and other techniques actually maximize the benefits of LED and accelerate the return on investment.

Intelligent LED Lighting

The OneEffect portfolio of intelligent indoor lighting solutions integrates LED sources with digital controls to create smart buildings and improve the quality of lighting. From ambient to task and accent lighting, our indoor LED lighting solutions are available for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, industrial and residential applications.Most OneEffect’s indoor LED products include embedded Smartly™ technology to actively manage the LED light source. Smartly™ technology ensures that a constant Lumen output is maintained over system life, thus preventing the energy waste created by the traditional practice of over-lighting.

Ambient LED Lighting

Ambient lighting, or general illumination, defines the space, enables the comfortable, productive use of the space. Ambient LED lighting offers greater energy efficiencies, truer color, richer integration with controls, and easier solutions for deployment.

Accent LED Lighting

Accent lighting directs extra light and thus attention to selected objects and surfaces. Accent lighting draws the eye, provides dramatic interest, and adds excitement.

Task LED Lighting

Task lighting illuminates areas where work is performed: reading, paper work, food preparation, laundry, games and hobbies. Depending on the intended activity, task lighting solutions may require plentiful, well-diffused directional light of concentrated light from above.