Design Solutions

Analysis and Design Services for Project Development

Our company combines design artistry and technical skill with practical issues of energy efficiency, maintenance, constructability, and code compliance to provide a complete lighting design.

We offer feasibility studies, detailed energy surveys, electrical engineering, full installation, technical design and certifications. We have implemented lighting upgrades to all types of buildings and areas including malls, hotels, warehouses, parking structures, hospitals, highways, streets and governments.

We have a Total-Value Approach towards lighting projects, which enables the client to consider and select the optimal blend of lighting enhancement, energy-savings, and maintenance reduction, which allows them to reduce operating costs and minimize their carbon footprint.

We value-engineered each project in order to guarantee the maximum return-on-investment and ensure we deliver the top quality lighting installation based on the needs of our clients.

Our business is providing systems that meet our client’s energy needs, reduce carbon footprint, and benefit the environment at a lower net cost than our competition.