OneEffect Privacy Policy

This policy explains how OneEffect treats personal information that it OneEffect recoge and receives information concerning incluyendo su past use of products and services OneEffect. The information personal information about you that usted es su personally identifiable like Name, address, email address, phone number, and that the Others are the thing of it available to the public.

This policy applies in practice to check for them in companies that OneEffect possesses the controls, oa las personas that OneEffect in employment nor administered. Moreover, if the hare OneEffect responsible for them links on reciprocal links are perhaps at Nuestro encuentran site. Please read the privacy policy of these companies as announced in fue la sus web sites. Esos links on reciprocal links are provided to promote her solo understanding OneEffect and / or products OneEffect.

Information Gathering

OneEffect collects personal information to register with cuando OneEffect, questionnaires llenar the forms of comments, Haga click on targeted ads on them cuando OneEffect products using the services. OneEffect puede combine information about you tenemos usted with the information you get from commercial partners u Others companies.

Cuando read request to register information such as su Name, address, title, email address, postal code, the industry and the related contact information.
OneEffect register and automatically receive information about OUR server records it from your browser, incluyendo su IP address, cookie information and the page you requested.
OneEffect uses the information to them Next general purposes: to customize the advertising and content that he usted see, fulfill orders sus products and services, mejorar OUR services, contact usted, conduct research and submit anonymous reports for internal sales and check with the Fines marketing.

Sharing and Disclosing Information

OneEffect in alquilar, sell share personal information about usted Others with the people in affiliated companies except to provide products that will service the requested permission cuando su tenemos the Bajo las Next circumstances:

Provide the information to trusted partners to Labour in the Name with OneEffect Bajo acuerdos of confidentiality. These companies use pueden su ayudar for personal information to communicate with usted OneEffect about deals and OneEffect OUR marketing partners. Sin embargo, these companies in Tienen no independent derecho to share this information.
Respond to citations, court orders the Legal Process, to establish the ejercer OUR derechos cool Legal defense against claims;

We believe that sharing information is needed to investigate, prevent the take action regarding illegal activities, sospecha fraud, situations involving potential amenazas to the physical safety of cualquier person, violations OneEffect terms of use, as it la certain cultivation law.

OneEffect muestra targeted ads on the basis of the information request. Los advertisers (incluyendo the publication of advertisements y las companies he fulfillment of lead) las puede assume that people who interact with, view, forms the questionnaires llenar comments Haga click on ads aimed at them by implementing them in selection criteria:

OneEffect on supply any personal information to third party other than that OUR business partners and interact with al view a targeted ad. Sin embargo, al interact seeing an ad for this consintiendo the possibility that he hara advertiser supuesto that he complies with them usted selection criteria he used to display the ad.

OneEffect incluyen commercial partners, but in them are limited to providers of financial services, magazines, related to the Web site listing the plcaements hand them Rep. companies, distrubitor y otros with standard sales channels of marketing.

Labour OneEffect with suppliers, partners, advertisers, businesses Rep, y otros distrubitor service providers in different industries and categories of business for the ayudar brindarle products that the services provided to usted ha OneEffect, Inc.

Confidentiality and Security

OneEffect limit it to access the personal information about them usted to that employed reasonably believe need to get in contact with that information to the products proporcionarle services to the Labour hacer su.

Tenemos, electronics and the procedures for physical security to PROTECT the personal information about usted. We reserve it for derecho enviarle ciertas communications relating to them OneEffect products and services, such as advertisements, press the MESSAGE and administrative Light Reading Newsletter OneEffect ofrecerle without it
opportunity to opt in recibirlos.