High-Quality Luminaires

Operating internationally, Oneffect is a sustainable environmentally conscious LED retrofitting specialist. OneEffect has developed and produced high-quality luminaries. Our primary business consists of manufacturing, importing and distributing LED lamp products for commercial, industrial and residential applications. The 
LED market is one the fastest growing industries in the world, with demand and usage multiplying yearly.

We are familiar with the extreme conditions that indoor & outdoor luminaries are subject to. Due to the exposure to dirt, pollution and extreme weather and temperature conditions, outdoor luminaries are required to withstand a high degree of physical stress. We have collaborated to create the most efficient technology and production processes in order to meet these requirements. We go beyond meeting a series of regulations, focusing on a hand on learning process that is an integral part of our quality concept. Creative problem solving defines our daily approach to the development of new luminaries and new product ideas.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installations

Care in product development and production must be paired with professional installation and maintenance, of the product in its intended use. Our luminaries are characterized by long operating reliability and service life, and economically efficient operation. Our requirements in lighting technology, processing quality and use are determining factors in our daily work just as the esthetic quality of our luminaries.

Guaranteed Cost Savings

OneEffect provides forward thinking lighting redesign strategies and LED retrofit programs. We are among the very few, that provide LED retrofit lighting assistance and LED lighting systems with guaranteed positive cash flow. OneEffect makes it possible for buildings, streets, tunnels and industrial complexes to achieve guaranteed energy and cost saving through LED lighting. This is accomplished by employing new and improved LED technology provided in simple repeatable modules using the highest levels of efficiency for a rapid return on investment to the customer.

Sustainable Development

Protecting the environment as well as our client is a primary goal. To us sustainable development means integrating environmental protection and social responsibility in business practices in order to contribute to our long-term economic success. Our sustainability strategy focuses on promoting environmental business projects and creating new business opportunities through the energy cost effectiveness of our products.

We face up to our responsibility as provider in the sustainable global market, a local contributor for sustainable community building and a reliable economic partner in the regions around the world where we are active. We encourage our business partners to act accordingly.