LED Lighting Units Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infection Rates

Sealed LED lighting units protect patients from harmful bacteria, while providing uniformly-distributed dimmable light.


The National Health Service (NHS) Trusts in the UK is using LED lighting to combat hospital-acquired infection rates using a new technology involving sealed lighting units.


The fully-sealed unit stops dust, bacteria and deadly superbugs from gathering around warm light fittings.


The long LED lifespan (estimated at +60,000 hrs) also eradicates the needs for routine bulb replacement, which stops harmful bacteria from being distributed into the atmosphere.


“Not only is the NHS saving money on operational cost for routine light maintenance, but our LED’s burn 20% of the energy of traditional fluorescents.


“The Carbon Reduction Commitment Carbon Tax on large organizations such as the NHS means for every tonne of carbon saved, hospitals receive £12 ($19.50). This money can be directly ploughed back into front-line patient services,” said Harrison.


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