Go Green

OneEffect’s Environmental Commitment

Driving Sustainability Through Our Product Portfolio

OneEffect Group only chooses environmentally friendly products for its portfolio. Our company has a solid commitment towards environmental protection, through the use, sale and application of energy efficient LED technology luminaries. In order to extend our commitment towards environmental sustainability OneEffect has created the Go Green initiative, which states our long-term global goals as corporate citizens.

“We want to create and provide more efficient products and processes.”

Climate Protection

Climate change is one of the main challenges our society faces. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and find ways to efficiently use our available resources. The innovative solutions offered by OneEffect contribute to protecting our climate, by reducing carbon footprint through energy saving technology.

Using Renewable Raw Materials

Our product portfolio is based on the use of recyclable raw materials; we offer products that fulfill the basic sustainability criteria. OneEffect uses recyclable products, after a long-life cycle can be refurbished, in order to reduce waste consumption.

CO2 Reduction

OneEffect is an advocate and supports the Kyoto Protocol goals of reducing emissions of all greenhouse gases in industrialized countries and developing countries. Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas, accounting for approximately 80% of total emissions of greenhouse gases. Through our products and services we intend to reduce the CO2 emissions in one of the most energy consuming sectors, “lighting”.

Protecting Biodiversity

With innovative products and services we empower our customers to handle natural resources efficiently. We support environmental awareness and education programs and implement projects to encourage the protection of biodiversity.

Dark Skies Initiative

OneEffect provides products that classify under the Dark Skies Initiative to protect local flora and fauna.
We work with clients in providing a greener approach towards busyness, allowing us to teach by example and help others reach their Green goals.